40 gel Pen Set: Basic Tools for Your Coloring Craft

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40 set gel pensWith a huge number of coloring pages and books that come in various themes, you probably don’t feel like 12-pen set can help you to explore your creativity and individuality. Right you are: to create something great with your coloring book, you need to get more than just 12 pens. And 40-gel pen set is what you need.

If you don’t like to be limited to the tools that you have for your art, you should definitely get a full set of pens. You won’t ever regret as you will get:

  • Pens that come in various colors, from pastel to the black
  • Inks of different textures, including glitter and neon pens
  • Different shades of your most favorite colors
  • High-quality items that last longer

Still hesitate whether you need the full set of pens? Even if coloring is not your everyday activity, you will find how to apply them. This is a fair deal: you get pens that will encourage you to create and will make your arts far better than ever before!

Where Can I Use Pens?

First of all, this is coloring. The coloring is one of the popular activities that is loved by adults and kids equally. Gel coloring is even more popular as the huge choice of colors and different textures makes this process even more interesting. Therefore, if you love to color pages and books, you need to get your own set of pens.

However, this is not everything. Many love scrapbooking, and for them, gel pens color variety may become an additional tool to improve their crafts. They can use them to write something or to decorate the postcard or any other piece of arts with some drawings. For them, the best choice will be neon colors and glitter pens. And they will definitely find everything they need in 40-gel pen set.

If you are a huge admirer of notebooks and dream to make your Moleskine unique, gel coloring is what you need. With this deal, you can write in different colors, add some small or big drawings, and express your individuality as you want.

The great news for those who love to draw or write on black paper is that gel pens color ink is perfectly applied to the paper of any color. For example, you can take a black paper and a white gel pen, and the result will definitely surprise you! The matter is that this is a water-based ink, and it has a better viscosity.

Also, these are important items for kids’ craft. As you probably know, they like bright colors and it’s important that the ink is not toxic, does not leave stains, and is easily applied to the paper. Also, the ink for gel coloring smears merely, so the coloring will look far better. Therefore, this will be a great present for kids as well as for adults.

buy doodle penHow to Choose a Set?

It may seem that each 40-gel pen set is the same like others, but if you look closer, you will notice the difference. This difference is now only about the colors, but about other aspects as well.

Different manufacturers have various sets of gel coloring pens, and if you check all of them, you will be able to understand why the choice is so various. For example, you can find sets that have only traditional ink without shimmer or other effects. The color sets may also be different. Some of the sets may include more traditional and pastel colors, while others may include items of neon colors, metallic or glitter pens, etc.  

If you are an admirer of coloring, it will be better for you to choose sets of glitter and neon gel pens color. The matter is that they have really everything that you need to make your coloring better. They look perfect for any style starting from mandalas and up to animals.

It’s always better to purchase bigger sets of pens as you will pay less than if you choose pens separately. Besides, you will be sure that all colors are unique and you don’t buy a couple of identical gel pens color and never waste your money. This will be the best deal for everyone who wants to save money but get a full pack of tools for your craft.

How Can I Be Sure That the Pens Are of the Best Quality?

If you have decided to buy 40-gel pen set, perhaps you have some hesitations like whether all of them will be of the highest quality and how long the ink will last. Responsible manufacturers of gel pens will always give a guarantee for the high quality of their goods. In case, you are not satisfied with the quality, you can ask for a money back.

The number of pens may become a kind of a problem for a new artist, but over time you will notice that you need one more set with more green colors or red colors, for example. The more you create, the more opportunities to use various coloring items you see. However, as a rule, a set of 40 pens is enough to satisfy the desires even of the most demanding artist.

If you are looking for the best deal, always pay attention to the sales and discounts. You will find them on the official websites of manufacturers, and in a rare case, on the websites of resellers. It is always better to make online orders on the official websites, as many manufacturers have discount programs for their clients, and once you make a purchase, you can enroll this program.

Buying a set of pens will definitely encourage you to try something new with your coloring and in other crafts as well. If you have got tired of pale colors and lack of textures, a pack of different pens will be a great choice for you. Never put your experiments with crafts and coloring back! Try something new every day – that’s worth it!

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