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school supplies DoodleArtProIt’s great to have a lot of free time and have rest from school. But these days have gone away and it’s time to get ready for school. It may seem a disaster to buy all you need at least for your first day at school. But we’ll help you with this. We know how to make it fun and joyful and we’ll tell you what to do to get everything ready on time.

Colorful supplies for school for bright days

What can make your dull and gray days colorful and full of bright emotions? The answer is too easy to be true. It’s the coloring gel pens. You can draw pictures, make notes and create any piece of art even on your skin. What can be more exciting and thrilling? You can choose the color that will match your mood dozens times during the day. Of course, it’s only one part of the back to school supplies, but it may become the brightest element of it.

You can spend hours or days looking for great gel pens in the shops. Or you can come to one online store, spend a few minutes and get free delivery as a great bonus. There’s no more need to make your schooldays boring and turn preparation to them into something monotonous and too long. Let yourself be different and be yourself at the same time by having only gel pens in your backpack.

Where to find the best school supplies?

If you parents are used to old-school supplies and they offer you weird elements, you should show them the website with gel pens. You can tell them how coloring can relieve you from stress or when you have any troubles in your life. You can also tell them that you will study better if your life is full of bright colors not only in your mind but on paper. And this is real truth by the way. Be convincing and you’ll get what you want.

And the final argument for your parents will be the fact of a free delivery on the territory of the US. They’ll probably try to take a few pens from you to test how they can reduce stress. If you’re looking for high-quality supplies, don’t go past gel pens. Just try them out if you doubt yourself. Try to make a few sketches and draw a dragon on your hand. The colorful world is much better than the black and white one.

How to choose the best gel pens for coloring?

What do you love coloring? What are you planning to color when you come back to school. You will also have pencils among your supplies, but gray shapes and sketches will never have the effect that you can reach with the gel pens. The best coloring gel pen is the one that won’t break if it falls down on the floor. It will leave bright color on paper that will not stay wet for a long time and it won’t make your clothes or other things dirty.

We can describe good gel pens as the ones that can be of different size and color. You can choose the shades and even how the color is sparkling in the sun. A wide choice lets you stock the pens up for the whole school year. We don’t know how many of them you will need to buy at first. But we know that you will use them all in any case. Of course, you can buy a few different items to test them and see if you are comfortable with them.

buy doodle penGet your middle school supplies to be different

Once you have become a teenager and you’ve started to think how you look like in the eyes of your classmates. Your face and clothes are clean, you know the latest jokes and you know how to make people laugh. What can you do to look better and be different from others? You’re right. School is a great time for trying everything out and letting yourself not to think about the rest of people around you. And a simple gel pen is a great tool in this case.

You can easily get lost in Walmart or similar malls, but you will always find what you need in DoodleArtPro online store. It’s simple, fast and fun. You can use them even in a college if you wish. But try to make your parents believe that these pens are really of high quality and they will make you get higher scores. School time is a perfect time for experiments and you can make them colorful and bright.

Save best school moments and make them colorful

When you’re holding something in your hand while brainstorming new ideas, you can see yourself drawing something. You can draw letters, sketches, cars,, bikes or your home. If you have a gel pen, it will turn your thoughts into colorful memories that you will place on a piece of paper. You can save the best school doodle that you will show to your kids in a few years.

Choose the key color of your next school year and make it inspire you for everything you do. You can pick up rose gold school supplies that are trendy this year. You can pick up not only the color but also the texture that will represent your life views. If you draw a picture of your overall look in your mind, it will be easier for you and your parents buy only those pens that will match.

If you have a diary, you can make notes about the best moments of the next year with the best pens. Just choose the colors for your moods and let your creativity create something unique and unusual that will save catch the moment and save it for many years until you decide to view it or even show it to your kids. Studying in a middle school can be dull and gray or full of colors and emotions. It’s you to choose which option you will have. So take the gel pens and start coloring your life.

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