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The art of coloring is one of the most captivating and sought-after hobbies. People undertake it for centuries and each time improve and change the techniques of coloring, as well as the tools that are used for this hobby. However, for somebody, this is no hobby but the real job. In addition, this is a stress relieving undertaking. Multiple studies prove the positive influence of coloring on the emotional state of people, especially adult ones.

People use gel pens for coloring, they use simple pens, pencils, markers and other tools. Each of them has its own benefits and you can achieve a definite result using different tools.

Right now, we suggest you get familiar with definite supplies that will help you to draw in your color book for adults. Glitter gel pens, nice markers, vivid pencils and many others. You will surely like one or even all of the suggested options.

  • Markers. This coloring tool may provide you with different benefits. Using markers, you will receive smooth pictures with minimum streaking or lines that would overleap. Everything will be straight. You can choose between the brush and chisel tips. Everything depends on your preferences and purposes. They can fill vast areas, as well as color small elements.
    One of the greatest benefits of markers is that they come in a great variety of colors. You can find all colors of the rainbow and even more. Soft and subtle? Light and cheering? Deep, dark and strict? You can create any atmosphere with them. You can combine them and will receive the outstanding results. Everything is individual. Pick up the ones to your liking.
  • Sharpies. The sharpie colors are bold and vibrant. You will have a rich choice in Sharpie sets too. There are different types of these tools, which will meet different wishes of an artist. They don’t cost much, but you can create real masterpieces as if you are using something very expensive and amazing. Some sharpies provide an artist with the effect of markers, as they draw similar to them. Thus, you will be able to color the tiniest areas of your image. It is said that they are most suitable for children. Nevertheless, the art of coloring for adults is trending nowadays. Consequently, if you are a grown up, you may freely use them to fill in the tiny details. It is advised to combine them with other coloring tools because they lack most of the subtle colors. If you need a softer effect, try to mix them with other supplies.
  • Colored Pencils. A use of pencils for drawing, coloring and similar activities is no novelty. This is one of the most popular tools for many years. The choice in pencils is utterly rich and vivid. They are perfect for almost any coloring book. They represent all kinds of colors, which is a huge advantage for anybody. With their help, you can create the needed shades, bring to your picture more light or fill it with darker and stricter visual effects. Colored pencils really can make out of your artwork the real masterpiece. Just put layer after layer and you will achieve the desired effects. In addition, they can be found in any store and the cost may suit your pocket. There are pretty expensive sets, as well as very cheap that would still meet your needs of an artist.
  • Gel Pens. Many people wrongly think that the use of any gel pens set is intended for the writing. Nevertheless, the implementation of gel pens in coloring is another beneficial possibility. The use of such brands like super doodle gel pens is in trend today. You may be surprised, but the use of gel pens brings a lot of additional options for a painter. The water-ink that is the basis of these tools appears plain on the paper. You can gain different effects and shades, using these pens. They paint smoothly and can be awarded the 5-star rate. They come in different shapes and sizes. Consequently, they can suit all of your needs. Of course, you will find a tremendous variety of colors if using these coloring supplies.
    You can create the needed atmosphere for your illustrations, as there are many styles, such as metallic, stardust, moonlight and many others. Mind that there are different brands of gel pens. Accordingly, you will have a rich choice for this particular coloring tool. You should make your choice in accordance with your requirements and capabilities. Mind that some of them are very expensive. In the meanwhile, some are pretty affordable. The best thing about them is that they can be found in great numbers and merely in all stores. Select any depending on your personal likings.
  • Paper Mate Flair Guard Pens. It is necessary to mention all possible options. Paper mate pens should be enlisted as well. Though they don’t glide as smoothly as other versions of pens, they still can provide you with definite effects. They are vibrant, vivid and excellently fit the tight areas. You can easily finish some small details with their help. Finally, they do not cost much.

What else is there to add? If you have decided to buy any of the listed above variants, you should likewise learn the possible coloring techniques. Some of them are actually easy to learn. For instance, hatching, cross hatching, and stippling are perfect for the beginners. Afterward, you may master some more complicated techniques. At any rate, it is needed to learn at least 2 or 3 for the beginning. Under such condition, you will understand which coloring supply to pick up for this or that technique.

Of course, these supplies will differ in price and abilities. Nevertheless, all of them are available at almost any store. Consequently, you can buy colored gel pens sets, marker sets and other supplies in accordance with your requirements and possibilities. Make your life brighter with coloring right now and enjoy it!

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