How to have fun with gel coloring pens

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Best gel pensColoring is gett ing more and more popular with every new day. What can make you put off all your planned actions and start doing something childish? Yes, that’s the coloring. And if you want to have fun and get pleasure from it, we’ll tell you the secret components of this magic process. If you’re ready to add more colors to your life, scroll down to see how you can do it the great way. What tools will you need for this? Your imagination, gel coloring pens and a piece of paper.

What color can make you feel happy or depressed? What color can make you smile? One page of your coloring book will be able to contain dozens of various colors, so don’t worry about the ones you dislike. It’s good to take all gel colouring pens that you can afford and the book. Your favorite colors will express your creativity while you will reveal your stress through the color you don’t like.

Psychology or having fun?

It’s up to you whether to deeply go into the analysis of your coloring. It’s not necessary to sit and think why you’re doing it. If you can relax and have fun, so why should you worry about anything else? We think that there’s one thing that is worth thinking of. It’s the case when you’re coloring outside your home and someone else would like to join you.

It’s always good to have one more extra book for this situation. And a big collection of coloured gel pens will only do good for you. And there’s the first trick that we have for you. You can download and print any coloring page for free. There are no more reasons to postpone your coloring for one day in the future. Do it now!

The best gel pens for coloring books: in and out of your imagination

When you print the picture that you want to color, you may have different reactions to what you see on a piece of paper. That’s why it’s good to have several variants that you will choose from. Don’t turn this fun activity into a chore. Chose the picture you really like. Hopefully, you can get free pages for coloring on this website and choose the ones you like the most.

  • How to choose the color? When you do it for the first time, you may feel confused about the choice of the right color. The pictures that you find online may make you feel sad or disappointed before you even try coloring. You can start with scented gel pens to relax and make your first try more positive. Can you imagine a pink dragon? If yes, then your imagination works great and you can color anything. You can out your gel pens as the colors in the rainbow. Or you can simply close your eyes and take the first pen with your hand. Don’t worry about the result. You will learn to predict the final result only after coloring several pages. If it’s your first try, you can choose the color randomly. You can use milky gel pens to make the process more fun.


  • How to color with gel pens? If you haven’t colored anything for the last few years, you may feel yourself a child when you start doing it. You can take mini gel pens to make it easier. Most of the pictures that you will find on this website contain super tiny spaces that should be filled with color. And the biggest problem is not to cross the edges. That’s why tiny pens will fit coloring tiny pictures. Take a pen and draw lines along the edges first. Fill the picture with the color only you have colored the edges. This trick will help you make more accurate work. One more time, don’t turn coloring into a chore. If you hate this trick, don’t do it. Color the way that will make you feel relaxed and comfortable unless you hate crossing the edges.


  • How to choose the book? We always recommend you start with free versions of pages that you can color with anything you have near you. But once you try it, you will fall in love with it. Get free pages for coloring on this website and try them out. You can print all the pictures or choose the one that you really like. Hopefully, the choice is wide enough to meet your expectations. If you want to save your coloring, you can print the picture on any type of material but not on paper. Or you can choose a very thick piece of paper to put it on the wall in your living room in the future. Or you can just go to the nearest supermarket and get some books there. Keep in mind that you should like the picture or you will lose your motivation in a few minutes after you start coloring.

best gel pens for coloring booksHow to have fun when coloring?

You can do it wherever you go. Take the book and metallic gel pens to the college, cafe or even work. When you have long working hours, you can get a great amount of inspiration by spending only 10 or 15 minutes coloring a picture. It can become your new hobby that you can do with your colleagues as well.

You can color with your kids. And you can play with the best gel pens for coloring books in the yard, in the street, in the cafe or at home. It’s much better than watching TV. You will get real fun and joy from coloring only if you do it when you want it. You don’t have any deadlines and you don’t have any rules. Your only rule here is to enjoy the process and don’t really care about the result. Have fun with coloring and don’t say it’s only for kids until you try it.

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