Sparkle Gel Pens for Your Coloring: Why You Should Try Them

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Sparkle Gel PensEvery artist knows the quality of arts frequently depends not only on the mastery and skill but also on the tools used. This is applicable for coloring crafts as well, as this has recently become one of the popular ways to unleash creativity for adults and kids. If you want to make your coloring stunning and literarily shiny, you are to try some advanced tools, like pens and coloring pages themselves.

For the past few years, the industry of coloring supply manufacturers has grown significantly. Today, you can find a huge variety of companies that provide customers with the biggest choice of sparkle gel pens, fountain pens, pencils, and paints. You can easily choose any set of tools that come in different colors and technical peculiarities. However, not all of them are great for coloring pages.

The matter is that some of the tools are not opaque enough and the colors are too pale. This is especially important when it comes to coloring dark pages, as many types of ink are not visible on the dark paper. Can this problem be solved? It can, indeed. By choosing pens gel ink, you get exactly what you want – bright colors that are easily applicable and never fade with time.

Want Some Shiny Pictures? Try Gel Pen Glitter!

Perhaps the best thing about pens gel is that there is a huge choice of sparkling and shining ink that looks perfect on coloring pages and books. For example, you have chosen one of the free coloring pages on our website and want to create something great. You can always choose a common set of pens, but you can also try glitter gel pen. How does it differ from other types of ink? The main difference is that this ink has small glitter pieces in the structure, so when you apply it to the paper, your coloring starts to shine!

Sparkle gel pens have the same benefits as other gel inks. However, there are also some particular things that help them stand out among the rest:

  • As well as pens gel, the colors are bright and opaque
  • They never fade with time
  • The ink is applied smoothly due to the water base
  • They are non-toxic
  • They come in various colors
  • They are perfect for kids, as they love shiny elements and would like to decorate their coloring with these features

Many amateur artists state that gel pen glitter helped to improve their crafts and made the coloring look more beautiful. So if you want to make your art a little bit more professional, pay attention to better tools that may be used for your coloring.

gel pen glitterTo What Coloring Pages the Shiny Gel Ink Can Be Applied

If you want to create a stunning effect with your coloring, use pens gel for all types of coloring and painting. Of course, it’s important to balance your creativity so it will be better to use shiny ink carefully. For example, you may color only some elements with sparkle gel pens or add some lines that will help you to add more vividness to the picture.

However, if you are aimed at reaching a flash effect, you may use glitter gel pen for all elements. This will look perfect for geometric forms. Besides, your kids will definitely like this way of making their crafts brighter and shiny, as all of them prefer that to the pastel and pale colors.

You can use this ink to any type of coloring, everything depends on your artistic preferences. The coloring is about experiments, and that would be a mistake to ignore opportunities to improve your crafts and make it a little bit different from what anyone else creates.

Also, you can use these pens for other purposes, for example, for writing or for decorating post cards. Many think that glitter in ink makes them shinier, festive and add a feeling of celebration.

Can Glitter Ink Ruin the Paper?

One of the questions that frequently appears when it comes to sparkle gel pens is whether they can ruin the paper of a coloring book. Of course, when you buy a well-designed paper or print a free page that you would like to color, you want to get a great piece of art in the result. If the quality of ink is poor, it may result in ruining the paper. For example, glitter gel pen has may scrape the paper. Fortunately, most of the manufacturers know that this problem previously occurred, and now they offer high-quality ink that is well-applied and does not spoil the paper itself.

This effect is achieved with the special formula used for ink. The main thing you should know is that gel pen glitter uses ink based on water. The ink has enough viscosity, that also perfectly contributes to the result of your coloring.

Is It Harmful to Health?

No matter how many colors the pen set has, how shiny and glittery it is, you should always check first whether it is toxic. As a rule, the manufacturer indicates this information directly to the box of the pen or on the website. We recommend that you check this info prior to making any purchase. Although most of the manufacturers use modern technologies that are safe to health, you are to make sure that manufacturer himself states that the ink is harmless.

As for the glitter itself, it is safe and has none effect to the health. Therefore, gel pen glitter is also harmless. Still, make sure that when your kids use these pens, they do not swallow the ink.

Glitter gel pen will be the perfect tools for coloring both for beginner artists and for professionals. You will find sparkling pens in different colors, so you can color any shape, starting from the basic geometric forms, and up to animals and humans. You should definitely try them if you got bored from the traditional colors and textures used in coloring.

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