Why Gel Pens Are Perfect for Coloring Books

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DoodleArtPro Best Coloring BooksWhen you try coloring for the first time, you probably do not even think about tools that you use. You have some pens or pencils, and at this point, it seems to be enough for a beginner artist. However, when you start to color more, the understanding comes that not all tools are good enough for your art.

First, you start to look for the high-quality coloring books which have various pictures with different level of complexity. Next, you search for some other options that will help you create more vivid pictures. And this is when you should try gel pens.

For some leisure artists, it takes too much time to understand what tools to choose that will help them to improve their coloring. This article will help you understand what color books to choose for you if you are a beginner or advanced artist, and what types of coloring tools you have to select if you want to create beautiful pictures.

How to Choose the Best Coloring Books

Coloring books can be of different types, and each of them serves their own principles. However, all of them work as relaxing, creativity-boosting, and concentration-improving tools. Many artists also notice the anti-stress effect. For kids, they have to improve their fine motor skills and improve their ability to get focused on details.

All coloring books can be divided into several categories according to the images presented there:

  • Animals
  • Floral
  • Geometric forms
  • Mandalas
  • Patterns
  • Doodles
  • Mixed

Many adults give preference to big and details rich coloring pages, where they can unleash their creativity and try different colors to create a beautiful picture. They color each smallest detail, and that helps them to reach a great effect of an excellent image.

For kids, the best choice is books of geometric forms and animals. In most cases, it is better to choose big forms that do not have too many small details. However, if you notice that your kids are doing well with such pictures, it will be great to give them something more complicated.

There are also coloring books that contain a huge number of different pictures. This will be a perfect decision for those who color regularly and are ready to color anything. But if you always look for something gorgeous that perfectly suits your taste, you should try coloring pages. With this option, you will get one picture per time, but the one that you like the most. What’s great about coloring pages is that you can find a huge number of them available online for free. For example, on our website you can download free pages, print them, and enrich your coloring experience!

Why Gel Pens Are the Best for Coloring

Today, the choice of pens is huge: fountain, ballpoint, fiber, roller ball, and of course gel ink pens. They may be different in the type of tips and of course, the ink used. The size of the tip will determine the size of the lines, so if you need to color some small objects, always choose pens with small tips. Otherwise, it won’t be possible for you to create tiny lines. The ink will determine the opaqueness of colors, which means that you will get color-rich pictures.

Gel pens have a list of advantages that make them better for coloring. For example, due to a specific formula of ink that has a huge viscosity, the colors are bright and shiny, the lines are opaque and bold, so your coloring reaches a new level. Besides, improved formula of gel ink helps to last it long, and the colors do not fade with time.

You will definitely like that even pastel colors have a great pigmentation. This effect is almost impossible to reach with ball pens. Unlike fountain pens, gel ink does not leave stains, so your coloring will look neat.

Buy Gel Ink Pens How Do Gel Ink Pens Differ?

When it comes to gel inks, you should know that they can be of different types. Due to the water-based ink, it becomes possible for manufacturers to enlarge the choice of colors and textures.

Black pens

Many love intense dark colors but most of the ball pens look too pale. If you want to add some elements to the coloring, choose a pen with black gel ink. Depending on the size of the lines, select different types of tips.

Colored pens

They come in various colors, and you can always find several sets that have a different selection of ink. Therefore, you will able to create pictures with shades and tones, which is impossible with other pens.

Metallic pens

If you want to add something unexpected and beautiful to your coloring, try pens which have a metallic effect. As well as pastel colors, gel ink perfectly creates a necessary effect. This will help you make your picture shine and become really different from what you have already seen.

Glitter pens

Another way to make your coloring shine is to choose pens with glitter ink. You have probably tried glitter ball pens before, but you definitely were unhappy with the effect. Everything’s different when to comes to gel ink with glitter. It is smooth, so it’s easy to apply it to the paper.

Erasable pens

Many do not like coloring because if you make one wrong move, the picture is ruined. But if this is the only reason why you still do not enjoy coloring, you should try erasable pens. You will fix your mistakes easily and will keep working on the paper that you wanted to create.

If you have already chosen an image and some tools, always remember that coloring is about your imagination. It means, that if you want to color a tree with red glittered ink, you can always do that. If you don’t like the effect, you can print a page one more time and try something new. So keep experimenting and never stop from making something extraordinary in your coloring

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