How to Choose Gel Pens for Coloring?

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If you love coloring and if coloring pages and books are your passion, you definitely are looking for some tools that will help you create beautiful pictures. If you love handwriting, probably you are looking for some pens that will help you make your hobby even more delightful. However, all pens are different. To find perfect gel pens that are well-pigmented and have a huge choice of a various range of colors is a really challenging thing.  

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Even if you are not drawing professionally, you still want to find the pens of the highest quality. Thus, when it comes to a choice of the gel pens, you look through a huge variety of options trying to find something great to your taste. But how to buy a gel pen that will meet all your demands? And what’s more important, where to buy these pens without extra-expenses on shipping? Let’s try to find the answers to these questions and define what you want to get.

Best gel pens for coloring and how to choose them

First of all, we are going to dwell upon the differences between the gel pens and ball pens. It goes without saying that the first difference that comes to the mind is the ink. The matter is that gel ink has different components, which help you add here more pigments. In this way, the colors are brighter than ball pens have.

Besides, it helps to make these colors look perfect on the dark paper, which is impossible with the ball pens. Additionally, gel pens in pastel and glittery colors still have amazing pigmentation. Thus, your every picture may be a perfect one.

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If you check Amazon, you will definitely find a huge variety of pens of different kinds. You may even find ball pens in different types and colors, and perhaps, you can even find something that you will like. However, if you want to take a well-informed decision on buying such pens, you need to consider the benefits that you get with gel pens.


  • Compared to ball pens, gel pens create pixel-perfect lines that are both bold and opaque.
  • They are very smooth. If you want to make your coloring perfect, you’d better use gel pens.
  • They are perfect on any type of paper surface.
  • Ink used in gel pens leaves less stains and spots. Thus, your writing or coloring looks neater.
  • Quality pens may even replace paints, which is impossible when it comes to ball pens.


Top 4 benefits of pens that Doodle Art Pro can offer you

Above, you’ve just got familiar with the basic benefits of using gel pens, but there are some manufacturers that offer advanced options for the customers. One of these manufacturers is Doodle Art Pro. Among the best things about these pens, we will dwell upon the most prominent ones. You may shop Doodleartpro if you really want to dive into an amazing world of coloring and top quality gel pens. So if you are looking for something superior, check the following aspects:

  • Non-toxic

Today, eco trends are blowing the market. Everyone wants to use eco-tools, no matter the industry. It has been proved, that most of the inks are harmful for the environment. Therefore, you may be interested in buying pens which are nature-friendly. If you are looking for such types of pens, pay attention p the fact that these pens are acid-free. One more thing to notice is the packaging of a pen. Sometimes, you can buy a non-toxic pen in a toxic package. And this is definitely what you do not want to get.

  • More ink in every pen

You have probably heard that gel pens have less ink than ball pens. However, today the situation is different. You get more ink with every pen you buy. For example, if you shop Doodleartpro, you will get 25% in every pen, and this is a benefit that you definitely need to consider.

  • Fast drying of the color

If you think that gel ink dries slowly, you make a mistake. Modern gel ink dries really fast. However, Doodle Art Pro offers you gel pens that will serve a way longer than average gel pens.

  • Pocket-friendly costs

With the multiple options found on Amazon, you will not spend a lot of money on buying a gel ink. Moreover, you may find options of Free shipping in USA, which means that you will be able to save even more. A good pen does not stand for a high price today, and when you check the offers, you will definitely make sure of that.

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Where to buy gel pens

One of the questions that probably bothers you the most, is where to buy high-quality gel pens. We have already mentioned several options, and each of them is perfect. Still, there are some more ideas. For example, you may buy pens on the website of the manufacturer. Also, you can visit any stationary shop and check for what they offer.

Of course, the best way to do that is to make an order online, especially if you have got used to online shopping. Free shipping in USA is another benefit that you get, if you make orders on Amazon, for example.

If you want to improve the quality of your coloring and drawing, you need to try gel pens. Try different colors to see what effects they bring. If you cannot select just a few colors to your taste, you can buy a full kit of various colors and check all of them. For those, who are fond of coloring, even 50 colors won’t be enough. The matter is that when you start to use different colors, you just cannot resist adding more shades. Eventually, it turns out that you need more and more kits with all possible shades. And what’s even better, you can afford all of them, as gel pens are not too expensive, and the last longer than you have ever expected.


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