The best coloring book for adults: why do people love them?

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Are you under a permanent stress? Do you feel that your life is too dull? Are you looking for some effective ways to have a rest quickly? You should have tried coloring book for adults! They became a real phenomenon after Johanna Basford published her first Secret Garden coloring book. It immediately became a best seller, and people started to draw instead of scrolling Facebook feed.

Today, the demand on drawings keeps raising. More and more adults keep buying coloring books or just print pages that they would like to draw. For them, this is more than just a pastime. This is not even a hobby, but a cure for depression, the only way to get rid of the anxiety and really a quick way to feel better again.

Coloring books help to forget about all problems and devote a couple of minutes to beautiful procrastinating that will help you restore energy and get back to work. So if you need to refresh quickly, just start to draw!

Why do people love drawings?

Coloring games have a huge number of benefits behind the process of drawing. Most of the adults who regularly draw admit that among these benefits the following are the most noticeable:

  • There are many patterns, so you can always find something to your taste. Do you love mandalas or you prefer to draw animals or some geometrical shapes? Drawings for adults have a huge selection of pictures and images, so you could choose something that is perfect to you.
  • They are relieving, so you will forget about all your problems. When you start to draw, you get concentrated on the most important aspects for here and now: what color to choose, how to combine those colors, and how to transmit your ideas into paper. You no longer think about problems at work, some financial issues, or even family complications. Everything you want to do is to complete your picture and make it as good as possible.
  • They make you feel happier. It’s hard to describe the feeling when you are done with your drawing. This is a pure happiness! If you prefer to complete every task that you take, it’s better to choose small pictures that do not have a huge number of details. If you prefer to work on one picture for a long time, you may choose big prints and work on it day after day.
  • There are many free printable coloring pages. This is definitely one of the biggest benefits of coloring pages. You will find a huge number of high-resolution images on the Internet, and everything that is left to do is to print the ones you like and start to draw.
  • You don’t need to draw good to create stunning pictures. Many of us have always dreamt to create beautiful pictures. However, only some have a talent for drawing. With coloring pages, you don’t need to draw in the direct sense of this word. You just need to add colors and turn the pages into real masterpieces!
  • It’s great to make your taste better. Even though you have always thought that you have a poor taste and it’s difficult for you to combine colors, when you start to color pages regularly, you start to understand how you can make a page better with choosing certain colors.
  • You get rid of depression. We all have some sort of depression. It’s hard to resist its influence when living in the condition of a permanent stress. However, coloring will help you to minimize its impact. Coloring and sports have almost the same influence, so if you have no time to go to the gym, spend 10 minutes on drawing. 

Hand drow on coloring pages on bright backgroundWhat do you need to create masterpieces?

Those free coloring pages adults love seem to be rather self-contained. But do create a perfect picture, you need to color the page. For that, you need some specific drawing instruments.

It does not matter what kind of drawing you have chosen, you need some pens or pencils to add colors. The choice depends on you and your preferences. However, if you have never colored pages before, you probably even do not understand what tools to use. For example, you may use gel pens, colored pencils, or paints. However, paints are too difficult to use, and they require more time and concentration, while pencils frequently are not pigmented enough. Gel pens are considered to be the best choice, but it’s always up to you to decide.

First of all, you need to choose tools that have a huge variety of colors. When you just start to color the pages, 12 colors will be just enough. However, soon you will notice that you want more colors to make better pictures.

Next, you need to make sure that you have chosen pens, pencils, or paints of the best quality. The picture will look better if the lines will be clear and there will be no stains.

Also, it will be nice to check whether the tools that you’ve chosen are not harmful. Unfortunately, there are too many of them that are not eco-friendly. Moreover, some pigments may affect your health badly, so be careful!

If you have decided to try coloring, choose coloring pages for adults free or buy a coloring book if you have no possibility to print the paper. For those who still prefer online options of coloring, you can find a huge variety of websites where you will be able to color pages online!

Do you want to try coloring pages? We’re sure you do! This is an easy and accessible way to have fun, to feel yourself a little bit healthier and to get rid of all problems at least for several minutes. Besides, you may color pages with your kids, friends, during your work, or in college. You will create real masterpieces, develop your taste and will be able to decorate your working place or your apartment with your pictures.

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